The Cumbrian Floods In Perspective


By Paul Homewood


Main Street, Cockermouth

As the floods in Cumbria begin to recede, it’s time for a round up of the facts, and a bit of historical perspective.

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5 thoughts on “The Cumbrian Floods In Perspective

  1. Hi Craig. You left out the article… are you testing to see if anyone’s paying attention? Here it is

    The recent UK flood was a direct result of a sustained high TSI period in November, following a TSI high in
    October. I watched and recorded the water vapor and IR imagery of the clouds that brought that deluge, from when it spawned in mid-November just north of the equator near Mexico and the tropical Atlantic, just after TSI peaked Nov 15-17, and as it tracked towards the UK & Europe. The sun did it, again.

  2. BOB! That is a very good point.
    Our WeatherAction predicted sudden temperature (and airmass) change – ie a meeting of contrasting air masses around the date of the floods in UK implicitly set the scene and we should have warned of floods risk rather than just wet and windy.
    See also my comms on main site. In addition to that very long fetch all the way from Florida (WildJetStream /Mini Ice Age caused) moisture-laden mild air arriving in NW england we also had:-=> The R4 period 1-5th
    => Geography of NW England and stationary weather fronts – which was also the case last time they had big floods.
    => Continuing stupid water run-off mismanagement – too much concrete and tarmac all over the place – little potential for lakes insead of run off (modern farming and land-grabs reduce lakes everywhere and channels watter into more rapid down flow ie into town. Not enough trees on land which are very good at holding water.
    => Previous flood defences not complete / not enough.
    Instead of the deranged construction of Prayer Wheels – wind farms (so called ‘Climate MITIGATION’) that money should be spent on Climate ADAPTATION – to defend against real flood risk in places such as Cumbria.

    • Bob was looking at last night and noticed flux has been relatively high for a while now too. The atmospheric river formed as flux dropped sub 100 and then eased back up. Needs more investigation when I have a moment.

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