Booker On The Cumbria Floods


By Paul Homewood


Booker writes for the Mail:

There have been two quite different responses by politicians and the media to the devastating floods afflicting the people of Cumbria.

One of these has rightly focused on the ordeals of all those thousands affected — above all, those whose homes were filled with filthy water.

(I know a little of what they are going through because my own former home in North-West London was flooded by the most intense rainfall ever recorded in Britain, in 1975.)

It was equally right to praise the admirable reaction to this crisis of the emergency services and volunteers who arrived from all over Britain to give round-the-clock aid to the victims.

But the other response couldn’t have been more different.

This was the way the disaster was hijacked by a particular group of people for wholly wrong-headed political ends — led by Dame Julia…

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