Stormy Weather Ushered In The Little Ice Age – HH Lamb


By Paul Homewood

Anybody who thinks that storms around the UK have anything to do with global warming should read what HH Lamb had to say about the period around the 13th and 14thC , when the warmth of the medieval period was beginning to disappear:




Lamb also comments about the Bolton Moss Curve, which has direct relevance to the floods in the North West currently:

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One thought on “Stormy Weather Ushered In The Little Ice Age – HH Lamb

  1. I have always thought it a misfortune that the general introduction of plumbing into British homes coincided with the quite unusual run of mild winters between 1896 and 1936. And possibly some of the modern glass architecture and the hill-top sites with an open south-west aspect which became so desirable a few years ago seem less to be recommended in the 1950s.

    HH Lamb – The Changing Climate (Routledge Revivals): Selected Papers Note – the paper was ‘The changing climate, past and present; which appeared in Weather, October 1958, Vol 145, pp. 299-318

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