“Record Rain” At Thirlmere

Yesterday I recorded my coldest ever December day, today the coldest. Today also had record breaking amounts of rain….my observations only began yesterday! Welcome to the world of Met Office ‘records’.


By Paul Homewood



According to the Met Office, Storm Desmond brought a new 2-day rainfall record at Thirlmere.

Thirlmere sits at an altitude of 584 feet, and the Helvellyn Massif rises abruptly to the east. It is pretty obvious that any storms coming from the west, as Desmond did, will dump an awful lot of rain there.


The Helvellyn Massif from Thirlmere

It is also pretty obvious that large amounts of rain have dropped there in the past. It is therefore somewhat disconcerting to find that the rain gauge there has only been in existence since 1995.

This was confirmed to me by the Met Office, who also stated that it is an Environmental Agency station.


No reputable Met Agency would dream of declaring any records at a site with such a short history.

In recent years, the EA has naturally been setting up hundreds of rain gauges in…

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