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One thing revealed by the recent US Senate hearing was the importance of the two basic arguments forming the alarmist position:

1. “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” (Obama tweet)

2. “There are multiple lines of evidence that show the climate system is changing.” (Dept. of the Environment, Australia)

These two zingers must be met by equally brief, pointed replies.

97% Agreement

I concede that most climate scientists think there is a problem, but 97% of all scientists is an exaggeration.

The first claim of 97% came from a survey sample of 79 climate scientists who said “Yes” to 2 statements: “It has warmed since 1850.”; “Human activity has contributed to the warming.” That survey questionnaire was deliberately not sent to those known to be skeptical: scientists not employed by government or universities; geologists; solar physicists; meteorologists.

More inclusive surveys with more pointed questions…

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