Hidden flooding Ireland

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Lead to water, this article is complementary to Roger’s, widening the context to show there is little unique

On watching Irish matters I see things. The fuss over the north of England flooding etc. is showing the parochial nature of the media, there is just as much trouble in the Irish republic. Official UK maps tend to blank this out.

The Irish Times is in full flood here. Bit of a problem, the dates and the historic incompetence of Westminster government. We administered Ireland.

Badly constructed
He blamed some of the flooding on a weir at Killaloe “erected in 1845” which, he said, was badly constructed and “throws back water for 25 miles”.

He claimed the weir’s “height exceeds that authorised by Act of Parliament”; that it “has no sluices”; and had “insufficient waterway” for the access and escape of water.

Trench said: “The complaint is not that this weir…

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