Super mild air reaches Arctic

Be interesting to watch how this displaces the cold Arctic air


One thought on “Super mild air reaches Arctic

  1. Not so mild air crossing the equator?
    Huancavelica, Peru, December 29, 2015.
    A heavy snowfall of about 10 centimeters thick, covered today Chonta population centers, and Astobamba Pucapampa district of Santa Ana, in the province of Castrovirreyna, Huancavelica region, surprising its inhabitants.
    The COER and Regional Government urge the Huancavelica population to take precautions, keep warm and avoid sudden changes in temperature, especially in populations in situations of high vulnerability either by their social status (poverty and extreme poverty), children under 5 years and older adults.

    Reader’s comment: Heavy snowfall in Peru, south of the equator, where it is summer now. Could this mean that cold air from the North Pole has crossed the equator?

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