ARCTIC SEA ICE —Look Out Below—

And it looks like this is just the first swing of the winter.

Sunrise's Swansong

A rather simplistic concept I’ve been playing with is the idea that if we want a mild winter then we should hope that the cold gets locked up at the Pole. Keep the milder air down south where it can thaw away the snow cover, and don’t send it north where it all gets frittered away up into outer space. Hope for a nice zonal pattern, and a positive “mild” NOA and AO.

Over the past ten days some very mild surges have gone rushing up to the Pole, which is not good news if you like low heating bills, or are the one stuck with removing the snow from driveways or walkways. It tends to dislodge the cold air from the Pole, and trigger a negative, “cold” NAO and AO.

Joseph D’Aleo, on his excellent blog at Weatherbell, uses the chart below to show the difference between the two…

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