Final Word on the ‘Unprecedented’ Rainfall of December 2015


So, it’s official, December 2015 was the ‘wettest ever’ [smallprint: ‘in the UK record going back to 1910’]. Much fanfare at the Met Office, Guardian, Indie etc., blah, blah, blah. It beat 1929 to the top spot and ‘though El Nino undoubtedly played a part, such events are predicted to become more common as climate change (TM) progresses because of simple physics’ – the well worn statement of implicit attribution combined with appropriate caveat and unassailable ‘scientific’ logic is now very boringly familiar to most.


So, yes indeed it was the wettest December in the UK since 1910, but is there a trend? Hardly, looking at the graph above. Decembers were wetter in the early 20th century, then they got drier and from the 1970’s they’ve got progressively wetter again – but not significantly wetter than they were in 1910 (one record does not a significant rising trend make). If…

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