Debunking the “Vikings weren’t victims of climate” myth

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by F.J. Shepherd

greenland-church Greenland’s Hvalsey Church – the place of the last recorded written record of the Norsemen

Norse Medieval Greenland and Historical Realities

Some people have claimed that Greenland was no warmer 1,000 years ago than it is today. In fact, some have even suggested that it was colder 1,000 years ago. Are such suggestions made to bolster the alleged “unprecedented” warming claim for the past 135 years? Contrary to such claims, history paints a very different picture.

In this essay, I will examine some of the historical facts concerning Greenland starting 1,000 years ago and will then attempt to demonstrate how much warmer Greenland had to be in order to accommodate the history that transpired in this region.

Greenland’s Climate Today

Today, Greenland experiences a polar climate. There should be no dispute about this. The average annual temperature of Greenland sits around -17 degrees C. The…

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