ARCTIC SEA ICE –The return of the Nudger–

What goes up, must come down unless you are in lala model land where the only way is up. Nature has other ideas.

Sunrise's Swansong

The building of the cold over the Arctic Sea didn’t last all that long before the next onslaught of Atlantic mildness came north, with some Pacific mildness pinching in from the other side.

The build up of cold air was close to its peak on January 25, though the nudging Atlantic air can be seen poking towards the pole on the temperature maps

DMI3 0125 mslp_latest.bigDMI3 0125 temp_latest.bigDMI3 0125B mslp_latest.bigDMI3 0125B temp_latest.big

By January 26 the Pacific air is also becoming apparent, as it pinches in from the top of the temperature map.

DMI3 0126B mslp_latest.bigDMI3 0126B temp_latest.big

Today (January 27) we see the invasion continuing, and the area of deep blue on the temperature graph greatly reduced.

DMI3 0127 mslp_latest.bigDMI3 0127 temp_latest.bigDMI3 0127B mslp_latest.bigDMI3 0127B temp_latest.big

This warming at the Pole does verify certain Alarmist computer models that predict warming will be greatest at the Pole, however the problem is that the cold air hasn’t simply vanished. It has been displaced, and nudged south. In fact this is bad news for people…

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