Meteorologist Trashes Jennifer Francis’ Extreme Weather Theory


By Paul Homewood


We are all familiar with claims that global warming/”melting Arctic ice” is leading to more extreme weather. This is the theory, postulated amongst others by Dr Jennifer Francis, that a warmer Arctic acts to slow down the jet stream and create a meridional jet stream flow and weather blocking.

Meteorologist, Chuck Wiese, not only destroys this theory but also asks some very searching questions that go the heart of much of the junk science produced by climate scientists.

Below is his post on Dr Ed Berry’s blog. (Dr. Edwin X Berry is a physicist and Certified Consulting Meteorologist (#180) for the American Meteorological Society. His consulting expertise is in physics, atmospheric physics, meteorology, climatology, and numerical models.)

This paper is a critique Francis and Vavrus (2012), hereinafter FV (2012), by atmospheric scientists Jennifer Francis from Rutgers University and Steve Vavrus of the University of Wisconsin. Their…

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