One of the very first global warming films: ‘The Greenhouse Conspiracy’

Watts Up With That?

The Greenhouse Conspiracy (1990) A “Channel 4” documentary, was recently added to YouTube (h/t to Leo Hickman) Video follows. It is interesting to see what was being said 25 years ago in the context of what we know today. On the day it aired in August of 1990, the Sunday Times ran a 3,000+ word feature story by Hilary Lawson, the program’s producer and presenter.


Of course, if that program ran with that title today, the incompetent and serially abusive Stephan Lewandowsky and his collection of SkS bots would be all over it with “Moon Landing denier” accusations.

Producer & Director: Hilary Lawson

Scientists featured:

Patrick Michaels
University of Virginia

Richard Lindzen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Reginald Newell (1931-2002)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tom Wigley
University of East Anglia

Robert Balling
Arizona University

Roy Spencer
NASA Space Flight Center

Sherwood Idso
US Conservation Labs

Stephen Schneider (1945-2010)
US Center for Atmospheric Research

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