Parts of southern Asia and south-west Pacific braced for severe weather

Official blog of the Met Office news team

Residents in parts of southern Asia and the south-west Pacific are bracing themselves for potentially severe weather this weekend.

Of particular concern is the potential for flash floods, landslides and avalanches in Pakistan, while Bangladesh and the north-east Indian district of Assam are on severe storm alert for tornadoes for the next seven days.

Meteorologists are also keeping a close eye on the potential for cyclone activity in the south-west Pacific. Julian Heming is an expert in tropical cyclones for the Met Office, he said: “The southern hemisphere tropical cyclone season normally tails off in April, but it seems that there may be a late season storm about to form in the South Pacific.

“Computer models have consistently predicted the formation of a storm close to Vanuatu on Sunday or Monday which then strengthens and moves south-eastwards.

Developing cyclone activity over the south-west Pacific“Predictions from the Met Office model suggest a 60-80 per cent chance that…

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