Snow, Winter Cold For Eastern North American Continent In April

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Screen shot 2016-04-03 at 7.41.07 AM

A sustained, very cold Arctic blast is going down all across the Northeast and Eastern half of Canada straight out of the most dire place on earth for Ice Ages: Hudson Bay.  This Hudson Bay cold push is causing blizzards in April which are normally very rare.  It is snowing heavily outside my window as we can see in the picture here.  LA may roast but LA didn’t get covered by a mile of ice over and over again like my mountain which was shaped by glaciers over a two million year period.

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One thought on “Snow, Winter Cold For Eastern North American Continent In April

  1. Hello! Glad you visited my site, I bookmarked your site, you have good stuff here and we are still not the majority yet but as colder years come over the horizon, more and more people will seek out our information.

    Did you know that NOAA hasn’t updated their stupid ‘el Nino’ page for a MONTH??? Amazing, isn’t it? And these goof balls claim we should be very worried about the climate.

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