Second strong 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocks Kumamoto area, killing at least 11

The Extinction Protocol

EQ Japan 3
April 2016JAPAN A magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck Kumamoto Prefecture early Saturday, killing at least 11 more people, injuring many more and bringing down buildings, media reported, just over a day after a quake killed nine others in the same region. The USGS later revised the earthquake down to a 7.0 magnitude. Authorities warned of damage over a wide area, as reports came in of scores of people trapped in collapsed buildings, fires and power outages. The powerful shaking triggered a huge landslide that swept away homes and cut off a highway in one area, and unlike the earlier quake which mostly affected old houses, larger buildings were damaged and some toppled across Kumamoto, the epicenter of the quakes.
Public broadcaster NHK said that at least 760 people were injured in the latest tremor, while a government spokesperson said scores were trapped or buried alive. Eleven people were…

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