Fort McMurray – April and May

sunshine hours

The other day I did a post pointing out that most of the really hot temperature records in Canada occurred 1936 to 1941.

Then I did a post about  Jeff Masters at Wunderground  claiming it never got this hot in Fort McMurray before in May.

I had only found monthly data before 1944. Reader Fred found pre-1944 daily data under the name “Ft McMurray”.

Jeff Masters said:

“Fort McMurray saw record daily highs of 91°F on Tuesday and 89°F on Wednesday. The city gets this warm on only about five days in a typical year, and those days are usually in July or August (even then, the average daily high is between 70°F and 75°F)”

Lets look at the data! Wow!!!!! And this was before 80,000 people and all the UHI moved in.

10 Warmest April Days Before 1944

Date Max Temp C Max Temp F
1939-04-29 35 95
1939-04-28 28.3

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