Entire Planet Cooling Down Rapidly, Global Warmists Still Predict Future Heat, Not Cold

Good summary there Ems

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For the last three days, it has been very cold here on my upstate NY mountain.  It will finally warm up to normal by Thursday.  Crops all over the place have been ruined by these repeated cold waves that have washed over us for the last two months and it is really cold, especially on sunny days.  1980 to 2010 were warm cyclonic weather days and this is falling rapidly down to 1970 cold cycle levels.  The el Nino system is rapidly closing shop and la Nina is rapidly filling the shelves with ice cream, not hot coffee.  Even the US weather service agency, NOAA, is admitting this but still thinks we will be super duper hot until next winter then it will be arctic ice time, big time, but not for long.

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