Speech at the All Party Climate Change Group at the House of Commons, May 24th 2016

“We in my party take the view that the impacts of human activity on global climate have been obsessively, indeed hysterically exaggerated, and we believe that the rather small changes in mean global temperatures over the last century or so are entirely consistent with well-understood, long-term, natural climate cycles.”

Roger Helmer MEP


APPCCG Climate/Brexit Debate

House of Commons, May 24th

“Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m very happy to be here at this debate today, and I thank the All Party Group for their invitation.

I’d like to start by addressing two of the clichés — indeed the canards — that invariably come up in any debate about the EU and the environment.

The first is: “We have to thank the EU for clean beaches” … or for employment rights, or health and safety, or whatever.

Maybe I can remind you that most countries in the world are not in the EU. Most countries in the world don’t want to be in the EU. Most countries in the world are performing better in economic terms than the EU. And most countries (or at least most advanced countries) have cleaned up their environments, and their beaches, in recent decades.

But the fact is…

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