Internal Climate Variability Trumps Global Warming

Terra et Aqua

Back in the 1980’s I came across a scientific paper by Robin Warner and Wayne Erskine in a book called ‘Fluvial Geomorphology of Australia’.  Fluvial is to do with rivers ­­– geomorphology is to do with form in landscapes.  What they discovered was that rivers in eastern Australia changed form – from low energy meandering to high energy braided forms and back – every few decades.  The intriguing finding implies that there are changes in rainfall that persist over decades and then switch to another state.  They were dubbed flood and drought dominated regimes.  Drought in the early part of the 20th century to the mid 1940’s, floods to 1976, drought to the turn of the century and a return to marginally higher rainfall since.  I have no doctorate – the best I have is a master’s degree.   But it began a damn near 30 year odyssey –…

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