Paris Floods


By Paul Homewood

The slowly sinking ‘Le Zouave’ statue, often used as a marker for the level of the Seine.

Fortunately, river levels on the Seine now appear to be receding. The Telegraph report that they peaked at 6.10 meters early this morning, the highest for three decades.

The “Le Zouave” statue next to the Pont de l’Alma is a good comparator for earlier floods, and this one was certainly well down on the infamous flood of 1910:

Pont de l’Alma

You can just make out the head of the statue next to the central arch.

The BBC provide this useful picture:

Graphic showing historic water levels against statue of Zouave

As mentioned above, the current event did not quite reach the expected level of 6.30.

According to Wikipedia:

The bridge serves as a measuring instrument for water levels in times of flooding on the Seine: access to the footpaths by the river embankments usually is…

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2 thoughts on “Paris Floods

  1. During the early years of the Maunder Minimum these floods occurred several times according to James Marusek’s A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events in the years 1645, 1649 and 1651.

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