Denmark: “nine cloudbursts and a 500-year event”

115mm in under 2 hours*

This is not global warming or (man made) climate change. This is exactly what our forebears experienced when the climate began cooling.

Wednesday was a particularly wet day when the increase took place despite what climatologists call a “500 year event”. It says DMI

Wednesday was the rain down all over the country and several places with such fierce intensity that it has been categorized as a cloudburst.

The most intense rainfall hit Vamdrup near Kolding and Horsens, who received 32.8 mm and 32.2 mm in 30 minutes. This corresponds to a double cloudburst, as by a flash flood is 15 mm in half an hour, it communicates the DMI.

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Horsens were particularly hard hit by the water. Overall, came to 117.8 mm of rain – and it is an extremely high value, says climatologist Michael Scharling from DMI and says that it crosses a 500-year event.

A 500-year event is an event that statistically occurs once every 500 years.

It is rare Denmark hit nine torrential rain in such a short time while being spread throughout the country.

– It is extremely rare that they will be detected, so that the framework meters. So there have probably been many more than the nine registered, says DR’s climate expert Jesper Theilgaard.

Original report (in Danish) Here



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