Piers Corbyn on #Brexit

WeatherAction does not normally suggest which way anyone should vote but on the EU Referendum there is so much at stake and so much mis-information and attempts to terminate real debate by dishonest reporting of tragedy and opportunist transforming of piety into name calling we just must. 


On June 23 VOTE with determination and pride to defend British Democracy and values, to honour our WAR dead like in WWII, to KEEP THE RIGHT TO VOTE IN & OUT who we choose to GOVERN and KEEP 200 years of hard-won rights in the work-place and equality before our LAWS that we make in OUR Parliament.


Do not listen to the profoundly cheap and dishonest ‘arguments’ from the BBC and ‘Remainers’ that you should shut-up in the face of an avalanche of Good v Bad brainwashing and vote total surrender to a failing anti-democratic EU-diktat machine and its borders acting for USA Wall-Street multi nationals** to plunder and de-industrialize the UK economy and your rights just because they dont like one person, Nigel Farage!


THINK!  In a generation ALL current politicians will be gone; 

but will you or the new generation even be able to choose who governs us and eat our own fish from home waters or buy anything Made In the UK?

Voters today are not the Stupid Sheep the BBC takes us for.

**BEWARE of ‘experts’ on TV humming the same tune. The ruling eltes across the world have more in common with each other than with their own people so it’s no surprise commentators go-along with USA WallStreet multi-nationals and that supergiant rip-off bank Goldman Sachs funds the Remain campaign and the boats they used to attack our brave fishermen and women who just want our seas and fish back. 

Vote LEAVE the EU 

 – Vote for a future of Hope in a wider world which will bring MORE Trade not Aid with Africa, India, South America, Australia, New Zealand etc and in fact (as the main German Deutsche Bank admits and the case of Norway shows) more prosperity for the UK and the world.

To those who say but Scotland might then leave the UK, we say well if they want to they will but all-things-considered it’s unlikely Scots will vote to be in an anti-democracy where the Scottish Parliament counts for nothing.


FIND and Ask Remainers to think carefully before they vote to trash your future and the rights of the youth and children of today.


NOTE ALL of the above is what I think and, as always, any who want comment on Official Labour Party and my brother, Jeremy Corbyn’s views must contact his Press Office. Thank you.  

Images and tweets taken from Piers Twitter timeline.


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