Powerful Tornado Kills 51 In Eastern China

Earth Changing Extremities

A tornado in China
A powerful tornado and hail storms in eastern China have killed 51 people, according to the country’s state media.
Damaged houses seen after a tornado hits Funing county, Yancheng
Many homes have been destroyed by the tornado
The tornado struck homes, farms and factories near the city of Yancheng, with winds of up to 78mph.
The city has a population of more than eight million people and is situated about 500 miles south of Beijing.
A tornado in China
Some 51 people have been killed and dozens more injured. Pic: CCTV News
Dozens of people were injured and large numbers of buildings destroyed, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday.
Recent extreme weather conditions including torrential downpours added to the chaos and carnage in Jiangsu province, located north of Shanghai.
“Downpours, hail storms and a tornado battered parts of Yancheng city… causing many houses to topple,” said the agency.
A car goes through a flooded street in rain, in Lianyungang, China
A motorist attempts to drive down a flooded street in Lianyungang

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