Early June 2016 statistics

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June, the first month of summer meteorologically speaking, has so far delivered a range of weather with some sunny, warm days but also torrential, thundery downpours leading to localised flooding.

Early figures up until 27 June 2016 reflect this mix of weather and also some stark contrasts across the UK.

Statistics up until 27 June reveal most areas of the UK have seen rainfall above the monthly average, but with much of the rainfall falling as showers there are some locations which have had more than twice the June average, whereas other areas have missed much of the rainfall.

As the rainfall map below shows, away from north-eastern areas of England, much of England and Wales have had a wet month with slow-moving heavy downpours creating a patchwork effect. The counties of Essex and Middlesex are close to recording their wettest June since records began in 1910 with 111.9mm…

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One thought on “Early June 2016 statistics

  1. Interesting that the Met are claiming it is still above average temps for June but then there is their cherry picking the reference point. Looking at the temp map it would appear that the west has been the warmer part. In the south-east their convenient lack of zero means you can’t tell if it is above or below average. Is that a deliberate ploy I wonder since I am untrusting and cycnical of the MetO?

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