North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season Finally Gets Underway

Official blog of the Met Office news team

2015 saw very high levels of tropical cyclone activity across the North Pacific due to the strong El Niño. Numerous records were broken during the season which included the exceptionally strong Hurricane Patricia in the eastern North Pacific. In recent months the El Niño has rapidly waned with slightly cooler than average sea surface temperatures now being present in the equatorial eastern Pacific.

In contrast to last year, 2016 has seen an exceptionally quiet start to the North Pacific season. In the western North Pacific Nepartak, the first tropical storm of the season, formed on 3 July. The last time there was such a quiet start to a season was in 1998 when the first storm formed on 8 July. However, the stormless period in the western North Pacific leading up to the formation of Nepartak was slightly longer than that in 1997-8. Like this year, 1998 was also…

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