Severe Snow Storm Cuts Off Homes In Gan Gan and Gastre, Argentina

Earth Changing Extremities

En la zona de la meseta la caída de nieve fue intensa en los últimos días. <br>
Three trucks of Civil Defense and CORFO yesterday tried to reach the homes of the affected families to deliver food, water, mattresses and blankets. Meanwhile today, progress in road work by opening roads, hoping to stop snow and increase the heat to prevent melting.
More than one week ago in the area of the plateau of Chubut began to snow. First it was gradually and slowly. However, in the last days the intensity increased, leaving isolated to those settlers rural that had that be assisted.
Yesterday by fortune already not snowed. Even so, in Gan Gan and Gastre situation was complex and residents of the rural area expected the snow to give a truce, knowing also that it is part of the climatic conditions which has the area each year.
While yesterday afternoon received the PAMI workers even distributed firewood in the village, Natividad Gonzalez looked to…

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One thought on “Severe Snow Storm Cuts Off Homes In Gan Gan and Gastre, Argentina

  1. Snow forecast not fun and games, AA warns
    2016-07-23 09:02

    Tammy Petersen, News24
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