Spectacular ‘Blue Tear’ Phenomenon Lights up East China Coastline

Behind The Scenes

Blue Tear PhenomenonA beautiful natural scenery called the “blue tear” has appeared in the waters surrounding the county-level city of Changle in east China’s Fujian Province, attracting a wave of tourists and amateur photographers.

The phenomenon produces waves filled with a beaming blue light which roll majestically into the shore. As the waves get stronger, the light will spread into a bright flash on the coastline.

According to nearby residents, the spectacular scenery has lasted for four nights since it started on the evening of July 30. It usually appears between 21:00 to 22:00 in the evening, with August 1 and August 2 producing the most amazing and long-lasting “blue tear ” spectacle.

Similar cases have been recorded in the waters of the Pingtai and Lianjiang counties of Fuzhou city, according to the staff members in the Fujian Marine and Fishery Center. The previous testing results show that the event is caused by organisms called Noctiluca…

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