The “Impassable” North East Passage

An excellent revist Paul.


By Paul Homewood


While the Northabout’s Polar voyage nears its end, it is worth revisiting a post by Richard North seven years ago, which exposed the myth of the “impassable North East Passage”.

From EU Referendum:

We were not going to return immediately to the “Northeast passage” but the temptation proved too great when we found the photograph shown above. It depicts an SA-15 type multipurpose icebreaking cargo ship of the Norilsk class. Nineteen were built for the Soviet Union between 1982-1987 at Finnish shipyards Wärtsilä and Valmet.

The significance of the picture is that it was taken in 1984 when the 20,000-dwt ship made the first of several shipments of pipes from Japan to the Ob’ estuary via the “impossible” Northeast passage. It was following exactly the same route, to exactly the same destination as the much-lauded Beluga Fraternity and Beluga Foresight. Furthermore, the ship made the journey…

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