Britain is now free to frack and slash energy bills

We need to ditch our unrealistic expectations for renewables. They remain very costly and provide little energy. This year, Britain will spend £4.7 billion on subsidies for renewables, yet wind and solar provide just 1.7 per cent – and all renewables just 6.3 per cent – of UK energy. Moreover, wind and solar will need subsidies for decades to come.


By Paul Homewood


Bjorn Lomborg has just gone further down the greenies’ Xmas card list!

From the Telegraph:

This week has seen debate rage about whether the Hinkley Point deal represents good value. But there is another vital element of energy policy that is not being discussed. For one of the key benefits of the vote to leave the European Union is that Britain will not longer have to cooperate with overzealous regulations on shale gas extraction, or fracking, which has the potential to transform the energy market.

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