More Detail On Gravesend’s “Highest Temperature”

One wonders in years to come of we might not see Liu comments like this, especially considering Tim’s comments) regarding the Faversham and Gravesend sites (summer 1868):

. Although not accepted (because of problems of comparison between Glaisher and Stevenson screens), the maximum temperature recorded on the 22nd July, 1868 at Tonbridge, Kent is still remarkable: 100.6 degF/(converted=38.1degC) [ It is now thought that this value, when compared with the ‘standard’ Stevenson screen, is about 1.5C or 2C too high.]


By Paul Homewood


I have been waiting for some information from the Met Office about the “hottest day since 1911”, which has finally come.

I will do a full analysis tomorrow hopefully, but this bit is important and needs a post of its own.

As you will probably be aware, we keep on seeing apparent “record temperatures” either at Gravesend in Kent, or Faversham, just 24 miles away.

The UK record temperature of 38.5C was set in Faversham in August 2003. It was Faversham again which set the highest temperature last month. Now it is the turn of Gravesend to record the “highest” temperature since 1911. (Unless they get another late reading from Faversham!)

Legitimate concerns about the siting of thermometers at Faversham have been raised, and also the local environs at Gravesend. I raised this issue a couple of weeks ago here.

I don’t want to revisit…

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