Ned Nikolov: In Science, New Messages Mean More than the Messengers’ Names

“the effect of CO2 on climate is only visible in model outputs, but has never been observed or shown in reality.”

Stating this simple truth has caused those with closed minds to reach for their blunderbusses and crayons, so they can see off the truth which threatens their cosy little empire of lies, which is why Gavin Schmidt’s response starts with an ad hominem;

“climate contrarians”

And why there is a bitter irony that his teams’ despicable data torture to make CO2 match temperature is by far the worst “curve fitting” exercise that some would call criminal:

Projection Gavin?

Tallbloke's Talkshop

An Interview Given by Dr. Ned Nikolov (a.k.a. Den Volokin) to Ben Guarino,
a Staff Writer at The Washington Post
Sep. 17, 2016

Research Paper Withdrawal by the Journal Advances in Space Research  

peer-reviewQ1: As succinctly as possible, could you tell me why you chose to publish this work under a pseudonym?

A1: We adopted pseudonyms as a measure of last resort as we could not get an unbiased and fair review from scientific journals under our real names. This is explained in more details in the attached letter we sent to the chief editor of the Journal Advances in Space Research (JASR) on Sep. 17, 2015. In brief, our real names became known to the climate-science blogosphere in 2012 when a poster, which we presented at an International Climate Conference in Denver in 2011, became available online and caused broad and intense discussions. When we later tried…

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