With solar storm in progress, regional impact forecasts set to begin

Watts Up With That?

According to NASA’s Spaceweather.com, a G1-class geomagnetic storm is ringing Earth’s poles on Sept. 29th as a high-speed (600+ km/s) stream of solar wind continues to buffet our planet’s magnetic field. While this particular storm isn’t expected to do more than produce spectacular Auroras and perhaps cause some minor power grid fluctuations, knowing what impacts a stronger solar storm could have is very beneficial to society. A new solar impact model that NOAA will implement on Saturday should help determine what areas of Earth would be most affected.

From the University of Michigan and Rice University

Solar storms: Regional forecasts set to begin

ANN ARBOR—For the first time beginning next month, forecasts of the regional effects of solar storms will help protect the power grid and communications satellites, thanks to a new tool developed by researchers at the University of Michigan and Rice University.

Solar storms are torrents of charged particles…

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