Climate Advocacy Posing as Science

I wonder if I should change my ironic Twitter handle from @CraigM350ppm to 450? 😉

Great post Ron 🙂

Science Matters

From The World’s Biggest Gamble by Johan Rockstöm et al. (here)

The scale of the decarbonisation challenge to meet the Paris Agreement is underplayed in the public arena. It will require precipitous emission reductions and a new carbon sink on the scale of the ocean sink within 40 years. Even then, the world is extremely likely to overshoot. A catastrophic failure of policy, for example waiting another decade for transformative policy and full commitments to fossil-free economies, will have irreversible and deleterious repercussions for humanity’s remaining time on Earth. Only a global zero carbon roadmap will put the world on a course to phase-out greenhouse gas emissions and create the essential carbon sinks for Earth-system stability, without which, world prosperity is not possible.

The 450 Scenario

Background for this and other such climate alarms is an activist assumption not often openly proclaimed because it is so clearly a leap…

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