ARCTIC SEA ICE –Ralph’s Raging River–

Sunrise's Swansong

It is hard, with the election upon us, and so many revelations of human horribleness blared by the media of both sides, to remember we humans are mortal and puny, in the greater scheme of things. Yet the truth is that we are like grass that flourishes and is full of flowers for but a season, and then is browned, and then burned to nothing by a prairie fire.  The definition of “perishable” should be “humans.” The things we think are of earth-shaking importance actually don’t shake the earth in the slightest. The economic factors we quiver about don’t mean a thing to frogs, deer, drifting cumulus clouds, drifting continents, volcanoes, or the face of the sun.

My original reason for watching ice melt was to get away from the nonsense that political people espouse as being important. I have never been much different from a schoolboy looking out the…

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