10 thoughts on “Watch “Snow Orbs, Houses Burried and Record Snow Early Across Russia | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (253)”

  1. For the long-term record, please consult:
    By about 2030-2040, the Sun will experience a new grand solar minimum. This is evident from multiple studies of quite different characteristics: the phasing of sunspot cycles, the cyclic obser- vations of North Atlantic behaviour over the past millennium, the cyclic pattern of cosmogenic ra- dionuclides in natural terrestrial archives, the motions of the Sun with respect to the centre of mass, the planetary spin-orbit coupling, the planetary conjunction history and the general plane- tary-solar-terrestrial interaction. During the previous grand solar minima—i.e. the Spörer Mini- mum (ca 1440-1460), the Maunder Minimum (ca 1687-1703) and the Dalton Minimum (ca 1809- 1821)—the climatic conditions deteriorated into Little Ice Age periods.

      • Thanks Ren I had noticed solar activity decreasing but not solar wind. Clearly seen here:

        The CME impact due today should be watched. Piers calls it a ‘magnetic brush’

    • Thank you Nils, I very much enjoyed your paper. Joe Bastardi recently has been doubtful of an LIA due to the recent warmth of the oceans which will take time to dissipate wain. Although I can see that a quiet sun will clearly affect climactic patterns, producing a meriodional jetstream conducive to heat venting at the poles and cold invading lower latitudes ( which seems to be occurring now with low ice at the poles but cold into Russia as pet the video). Do you believe the oceans delay the onset of an LIA?

  2. Such a pressure distribution (weak polar vortex) is the onslaught of winter in Europe.

    Look at the waves in the upper stratosphere. In the summer, they are mitigated by UV radiation.

    In my opinion, they have a relationship with jumps of the solar wind.

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