Piers Corbyn on Donald Trump’s Win

Piers on This Week December 2015

Piers Corbyn & http://www.WeatherAction.com say (9-11-16)
Congratulations President-Elect Trump!

“Whatever you may have heard or feel about Donald Trump his election is an amazing revolution and vote of no-confidence against the corrupt self-serving political establishment bubble, mainstream media and opinion manipulators in the USA and the world. The result will lead to tremendous changes which will defy and out-date the norms of today’s tired and failing elites and methods.

This election is strangely reminiscent of my brother, Jeremy Corbyn’s, epic victories in Labour – on many different policies but nevertheless against the establishment bubble. Incidentally I predicted the victories for Brexit, Trump and my brother (both times) months ahead and won a bet with William Hill on Trump.

“The political implications of Trump’s election are tectonic and world-wide. There are TWO main changes coming:-

1. FAIR TRADE NOT the “FREE TRADE” of corporate-plunder favouring bad Trade Deals and rules, and limiting casino banking. We will see the end of TPP, TTIP, EUETS etc and replacement by fairer agreements for Trade and regulating the role of banks (known as ‘Glass-Steigal’ approaches eg).

2. AN END TO THE DELUSION OF MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE AND DATA-FRAUD and the advance of CLEXIT (Climate-Agreements-EXIT) world-wide. 

This must lead to the end of the UNIPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and related junkets across the world, and an end to economically damaging carbon/energy taxes and charges. The labelling of CO2 as a pollutant must end and TRUE GREEN policies defending biodiversity and wildlife should be enacted instead. Progressives must guard against the demise of the CO2 con being used as a Green-Light (LOL!) to wanton trashing of nature for profit.

“AS with BREXIT none of the crazy establishment scare stories about a Trump victory will come true. I am sure President Trump – who thinks outside the box as a businessman rather than a politician -will be much easier and more flexible to deal with than the biased media have led us to believe especially for politicians who think positive about ways forward.”

Key Links for FACTS exposing ManMade ClimateChange Conspiracy Theory:
1. It’s The Wrong Type Of Extremes + the 3-KILLER-FACTS destroying the CO2 Con


2. Top Climate Scientists +UN Fail to provide Evidence of their failed Climate Con:

CO2-ClimateChange Conspiracy (-Of-Nature) theory Exposed – Ongoing + CLEXIT campaign

3. Piers Corbyn’s Popular Presentation at International Climate Realist conference London 8-9 Sept 2016

http://bit.ly/2ciEPpV Slide 50 important.

Donald Trumps Victory “One United People” speech video:


Twitter: @Piers_Corbyn 

4 thoughts on “Piers Corbyn on Donald Trump’s Win

  1. Piers

    I disagree with you when you say there is nothing new in weather. There may be and the maybe concerns HAARP, the technology which it is claimed can be used to deliver pulses of energy to the ionosphere. This would be humans mimicking solar emission events and could explain the sudden increase in SSWs the past few years. Originally, people said that SSWs happened every few years, now they appear to be annual. The military and unaccountable global cabal funding HAARP know the truth, I certainly can only conjecture.

    My view is that ‘man made climate change’, were it to exist, would be due to HAARP events. It would not surprise me if the USA had sought to undermine the Sochi Olympics with super warm weather, whether Obama hated Britain enough to treat London 2012 with deluges is less likely but worthy of critical evaluation.

    After all Wall Street traders could make fortunes with inside knowledge of HAARP events and predicted outcomes. There would be means, motives and a testable hypothesis for prosecutors, would there not??

  2. Nice one Piers.

    Joke of the week, Paddy Power paid out £4.5m on the Trump victory. They also paid out around £1m on the Clinton victory. Yep, so fooled by the legacy media and polls they coughed up early. Note to shareholders of Paddy Power – get some new management.

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