ARCTIC SEA ICE –Another Mild Surge–

A most curious year

Sunrise's Swansong

When I last posted (November 11) the last incarnation of “Ralph” had swung from northeast of Greenland over to the Kara Sea and then plunged down into Eussia. In Ralph’s wake I expected high pressure to build over the Pole, but instead a weak wrong-way-flow persisted in Fram Stait, bringing Atlantic air north, and we could see the weak beginnings of a cross-polar-flow from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

This development continued until the cross-polar-flow grew quite strong.

This is a pretty odd map, as Greenland’s icecap usually grows high pressure that feeds a howling north wind that pushes ice south in Fram Strait, but now low pressure dominated the area and south winds persisted in Fram Strait, both bringing mild air north and preventing the sea-ice from being flushed south (as it usually is.)

The temperature map show’s Ralph’s “signature” as mild air streaming north  on the Siberian side…

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