4 thoughts on “Watch “Global Sea Temperatures Drop & Snow Forecast Nov/Dec 2016 | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (262)”

  1. Snowfall in Saudi Arabia: It is all over in the news in India, in Russia, in Arabic countries, it is on YouTube. But the Dutch MSM keeps quiet about it. Recently they reported a lot about wildfires in Israel. And each burning tree in Australia is always headline news in the Netherlands.

  2. Snow covered mountains of Arabia! Tuesday November 29, 2016
    Snow mountainous sites in parts of Saudi Arabia covered when temperatures fell below zero for the Saudis interacts with this event nicely.
    Temperatures have reached the lowest levels to be extremely cold and snow cover unexpectedly areas of central and north-western Saudi Arabia, where temperatures tend to rise up to around 20 degrees Celsius even in November, “the cold season”.
    And through some of the Saudi population about their feelings toward this winter surprise on social networking sites, where one of them pointed out that the weather was “very European.”
    Perhaps bikers Saudis are not confident of their ability to lead in the streets slippery through the image of cars gathered on the side of the road show.
    Others chose to play as the snow rather than leadership and the formation of the snowman decorated with slogans favorite football clubs have.
    The snowfall came when I arrived temperatures to -3 ° C in Al-Jawf region, as well as in northern -1 Qurayyat, according to the newspaper report “Saudi Gazette.

    Saudis turn to comedy in snowy, wet weather.
    Al Arabiya English Tuesday, 29 November 2016
    Surreal images of snow and heavy rain in the northern regions of Saudi Arabia have been making global headlines in recent days, leading the Saudi citizens to create a hashtag on Twitter asking: “Is Riyadh the new London?”
    White and brown merged into one color as snow covered the desert sand in central and northwestern regions in Saudi Arabia after temperatures dropped below zero degree Celsius.
    In the central city of Shakra’ and the northwestern city of Tabuk, thin layers of snow carpeted the ground while heavy rain was witnessed in the cities like Jeddah.
    White and brown merged into one color as snow covered the desert sand in central and northwestern regions in Saudi Arabia. (Twitter)

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