It’s Snowing in Saudi Arabia… again!!

What many Europeans hope to be doing this winter.

Argiris Diamantis writes in the comments;

Snowfall in Saudi Arabia: It is all over in the news in India, in Russia, in Arabic countries, it is on YouTube. But the Dutch MSM keeps quiet about it. Recently they reported a lot about wildfires in Israel. And each burning tree in Australia is always headline news in the Netherlands.

Snowfall in Saudi Arabia seems to be a recurring theme

Snow mountainous sites in parts of Saudi Arabia covered when temperatures fell below zero for the Saudis interacts with this event nicely.

Temperatures have reached the lowest levels to be extremely cold and snow cover unexpectedly areas of central and north-western Saudi Arabia, where temperatures tend to rise up to around 20 degrees Celsius even in November, “the cold season”.

And through some of the Saudi population about their feelings toward this winter surprise on social networking sites, where one of them pointed out that the weather was “very European.”

Snow covered mountains of Arabia! Beirut Bress

White and brown merged into one color as snow covered the desert sand in central and northwestern regions in Saudi Arabia after temperatures dropped below zero Celsius.

In the central city of Shakra’ and the northwestern city of Tabuk, thin layers of snow carpeted the ground. In Tabarjal, a town located in the northern Al-Jawf region temperatures reached -3 Celsius, and in Al-Quryat, a northern province, the temperature was -1 Celsius.

Below zero? Snow covers sand in Saudi regions Al Arabiya English

You can these areas in the far North of Saudi Arabia in this map

Image: Wikipedia
700hpa Temperatures over Saudia Arabia /

Although cold is certainly not the norm it can get cold;

“in winter [temperatures] are between −4 and 18°C, with widespread frosts. Snowing is common, with temperatures reaching low −6 °C in some winters. Rainfall in Tabuk Area falls in the winter months from November to March, and precipitation ranges between 50 and 150 mm, with some not uncommon snow every 3–4 years.,_Saudi_Arabia#Geographynd_climate

“winter Qurayyat very cold and consists frost and temperatures drop to 12.8 below zero, as happened in the winter of 1972.”,_Saudi_Arabia#Weather

The rainfall occurring in the Kingdom is also unusual;

While mid-October usually marks the short-lived peak for Saudi Arabia’s rainfall season, the kingdom is still experiencing light to medium showers. Saudi Arabia on Friday witnessed medium to heavy rainfall with many Saudis posted photos and videos of their cities under the rain.

Light to medium rainfall also continued in eastern Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

Professor Abdallah al-Musanad, professor of climate science at Qassim University, told, that rainfall is expected by the end of this week in all of western, eastern and central Saudi Arabia.

He said this is “the second rainfall this season,” even though 40 days have passed since the end of rain season.

On Saturday, Malija city and Al-Nairiya province in eastern Saudi experienced medium rainfall. Al-Nairiya’s head of traffic police Fahad Mohammed Al-Hakbani asked drivers to take extra care during rain and not to drive through valleys, especially during floods.

In April last year, 18 people were killed throughout Saudi Arabia because of floods following heavy rain.

Below zero? Snow covers sand in Saudi regions Al Arabiya English



2 thoughts on “It’s Snowing in Saudi Arabia… again!!

  1. Iran (I apologize for the poor Google translation):
    Deputy Governor of Gilan:
    Snow damage in Gilan Province reached 89 billion USD.
    News id: 1253892 Service: Provinces
    09 Persian date Azar 1395 – November 29, 2016
    Deputy Governor Gilani said the snowfall damage in the province in recent days has brought more than 890 billion rials.
    Tasnim news agency reported from Rasht, Gilan Governor quoted public relations, H. Shabanpour said first estimates show that recent precipitation and snow, 893 billion rials has been damaged in different parts of Gilan province.
    Deputy Governor of Gilan coordination of civil affairs said, referring to the amount of damages in different sectors: in agriculture for horticultural crops kiwi, citrus and greenhouse as well as three units, 460 billion rials has been damaged.
    Shabanpour said snow also toll at 275 billion riyals and road transport, electricity distribution and water and sewage 10 billion to 80 billion riyals has been damaged.
    Deputy Governor of Gilan coordination of civil affairs said, according to the municipalities, municipal utilities Fooman 15 billion, 10 billion Sera Monastery, shaft 12 billion and four billion of snow Ahmadsargurab otherwise.
    Shabanpour damage in Maklavan, Toolamshahr and Gurab Zarmikh also arrange 3 billion, 6 billion and 8 billion rials said.

    Posted: 10/09/1395 (= November 30, 2016)
    Snow Damage was estimated at Ghaemshahr more than 138 million dollars
    Sari – Ayrna- director of planning and development Ghaemshahr governor said the preliminary estimate, heavy snowfall the past few days 138 billion 200 million USD Autumn different parts of the city is damaged.
    [Snow damage was estimated at Ghaemshahr more than 138 billion USD]
    Hamid Saleh, born on Tuesday in an interview with IRNA reporter added that due to heavy snowfall in the autumn that the city had started Monday evening and continued until Thursday evening damages to the citrus, water and sewage and this rural town has arrived.
    He said that horticulture has been the most damage, estimated at 138 billion USD in damages to the sector has announced.
    According to officials, 12 thousand 500 hectares of orchards in the city 220 thousand tons, 35% of which was damaged goods are not picked up.
    Chairman of the Governor’s Office of Planning and construction of water and wastewater Ghaemshahr pointed out that in rural and urban areas is estimated at 200 million USD in damages, said that the review carried out by experts, with fracture as well as 500 control participants burst water pipes have been met.
    Reporter: Mona certain Koochaksarai ** Published by: Hassan Fallahty 7334/1654

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