Earth Changing Extremities

Record Cold Alert
A reading of 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit below zero was measured in Antarctica, using remote sensing from satellites.
Based on remote satellite measurements, scientists recently recorded that temperature at a desolate ice plateau in East Antarctica. It was the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth, though it may not get that recognition in the official record book.
A NASA satellite measured that temperature in August 2010; on July 31 of this year, another bone-chilling temperature of -135.3 degrees was recorded.
“I’ve never been in conditions that cold, and I hope I never am,” said ice scientist Ted Scambos of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo. “I am told that every breath is painful, and you have to be extremely careful not to freeze part of your throat or lungs when inhaling.”
The -135.8-degree reading is “50 degrees colder than anything that has ever…

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  1. Hello,

    Let me make it clear that I am not a scientist but a Bricklayer with an interest in these things.

    Record cold in the Antarctic 135.8F below in a cooling world.

    And yet! this morning the BBC put out an item on their weather forecast, “Ice loss spreads up Antarctic glaciers” and mention a “warming world”

    These days I have no confidence in dear old Auntie who it would seem would be better styled the British Brainwashing Corporation, their bias is manifest to many

    I would be grateful for further comments on this because we seem to have a conflict here and as I stated I’m not a scientist.

    Many thanks for the interesting articles on Weather Action News.

    Bryan R Gregory.
    Warrington, Lancashire

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