A wet/dry December because of climate change

Sun goes quiet and blocking high pressure ensues across Europe…it happened 126 years ago during the Late Victorian period (1884-1902) when a similar solar cycle ensured and;

“[of] these 19 years, 15 had annual rainfall totals below the all-series average, with 5 of those years (1884, 1887, 1893, 1898 & 1902) notably dry. 1887 specifically was the third driest year in the EWP series (q.v.), and the other four had anomalies of 85% or lower. Notably low river flows recorded in parts of southern Britain, particularly over the chalks of SE England.


But that is irrelevant as clearly climate change is clearly to blame.

Trust, yet verify

wet dry december

The Flemish TV news (VTM) of this evening left me completely and utterly bewildered (translated from Dutch, my emphasis):

December is almost over and if the forecast doesn’t change, it will remain dry for the rest of the year and then there will only be seven days with rain during this month. That is very little, we have to go back 126 years for a month of December with so few rainy days. The air quality is bad. A lot of smog is lingering. And it is yet another indication that our climate is changing.


There were only seven days with rain this month and that is ALREADY an indication of climate change?

Less than … one entire month?!

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