Atmospheric river to take aim on California with major storm

Watts Up With That?

A 1 in 10 year storm event is expected to hit Northern California this weekend. Rainfall totals could easily be twice the average precipitation for January.

An atmospheric river will take aim with heavy precipitation, high snow levels and soils that are already saturated from recent storms. Precipitation starts Saturday, but the brunt of the storm will be Sunday & Monday. Forecasters say this will exceed stream and river flood levels last seen in 2005.



Snowfall ahead of the storm will be significant, then likely melt with the second warmer event Sunday:


Rainfall amounts over the weekend are likely to be heavy in the Sierra Nevada Foothills and higher mountain areas.

This is going to be some of the more significant flooding we’ve seen in the past decade. Areas may flood that haven’t seen impacts for several years.

According to Dr. Ryan Maue:

If this isn’t the end of the…

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