@NOAA data demonstrates that 2016 was not the ‘hottest year ever’ in the USA

As Bill Illis writes in the comments:

The two most northerly stations are Eureka Canada (84N) and Svalbard (78N).

They both had very warm years about 6C above normal in 2016 (yes I checked). Probably a fluke more than anything else but they also have very variable year-by-year records, just like every station. +/- 6.0C is not that unusual for these two stations.

BUT, this does not mean the entire Arctic Ocean was 6C above normal in 2016. If that was the case, ALL of the sea ice would have melted out this summer. At best, the Arctic Ocean was 1.0C above normal, probably just 0.5C.

This extrapolation technique across the polar oceans is completely BS.

There are physical signs that have to be evident to show any ocean area being so far above normal.

Meanwhile I’m left wondering how much of this heat (record or not) was vented into space?

Watts Up With That?

Today, there’s all sorts of caterwauling over the NYT headline by Justin Gillis that made it above the fold in all caps, no less:  FOR THIRD YEAR, THE EARTH IN 2016 HIT RECORD HEAT.


I’m truly surprised they didn’t add an exclamation point too. (h/t to Ken Caldiera for the photo)

Much of that “record heat” is based on interpolation of data in the Arctic, such as BEST has done. For example:

But in reality, there’s just not much data at the poles, there is no permanent thermometers at the North pole, since sea ice drifts, is unstable…

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