Norway: July Temperatures in January

When people in Sunndalsøra woke Wednesday 25 January, there were over 14 plus degrees outside. The heat remained throughout the day, all night and well into Thursday.

Between the hours of 21 and 22 Wednesday night the temperature reached an impressive peak in the entire 15.9 degrees.

On average, the temperature in Sunndalsøra this day 13.8 degrees. There are probably new Norwegian record and same temperature as the village usually has 4 July.

It’s a little scary to call it the warmest January day ever, but probably it is just that, says climate scientist Jostein Mamen at the Meteorological Institute, and reserves the figures in the database are correct.

Temperature measurements in Norway goes back to the late 1800s.

The reason for the special warmth was Foehnthat often occur in this area when the wind blows from the south.

Foehn Effect. Image: 
Met Office

– Often Foehn brief, a few hours, allowing quick temperature rise, until the temperature falls again. This time lasted Foehn from 24 to 36 hours, said Mamen.

The previous record for so-called “daily temperature” in January belong SUNNDALSØRA værkonkurrent Tafjord. Here was measured 13.1 degrees on 12 January 1971.

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