California’s past megafloods – and the coming ArkStorm

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Summary: To boost our fear, activists and journalists report the weather with amnesia about the past. Ten year records become astonishing events; weather catastrophes of 50 or 100 years ago are forgotten. It makes for good clickbait but cripples our ability to prepare for the inevitable. California’s history of floods and droughts gives a fine example — if we listen to the US Geological Survey’s reminder of past megafloods, and warning of the coming ArkStorm.

” A 43-day storm that began in December 1861 put central and southern California underwater for up to six months, and it could happen again.”
— “California Megaflood: Lessons from a Forgotten Catastrophe” by B. Lynn Ingram (prof of Earth Science, Berkeley) in Scientific America, January 2013.

Inundation of Sacramento in 1862 Lithograph of K Street in Sacramento, CA during the 1862 flood. From Wikimedia commons.

One of the key events in California history has disappeared from our minds. For…

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One thought on “California’s past megafloods – and the coming ArkStorm

  1. This Californian pattern, along with something else I spotted in Canada, is reminiscent of 1916 (article to follow). Are we in for a cold March with significant snowstorm again?

    A WIDESPREAD SEVERE NORTHERLY GALE (STORM TO SEVERE STORM-FORCE in southeast England) & associated BLIZZARD affected much of East Anglia, the east & south Midlands, parts of Southeast England & the West of England/West Country during the 27th & 28th March, 1916. Large numbers of trees brought down due to combination of wet / sticky SNOW freezing on boughs, and HIGH WINDS/northerly (over eastern areas to at least Beaufort Force 9 or 10, with Kew Observatory reporting Force 11 for a short time early evening of the 28th as the parent low moved NE across SE England and onto the Netherlands by the 29th). The SNOW set in after nightfall of the 27th, and in some places lasted over 24hr. SNOW depths were difficult to ascertain due to DRIFTING / BLIZZARD-conditions, but some reports of 15-20cm over East Midlands seem credible. 48hr RAIN/SNOW totals in a broad swathe from the Wash / Norfolk, across the northern & far western Home Counties, to Somerset, Devon & Cornwall exceeded 25-30mm, and in the Fens/East Midlands, upwards of 50-60mm fell, with stations in Northamptonshire recording over 70mm for these 48hr. (It was also very WET (mixed RAIN/SNOW here) in Cornwall.) Much DISRUPTION to transport, both road & railway, across the southeastern ‘quadrant’ of England – also large number of telephone / telegraph lines cut due to weight of snow. At Margate (Kent) much DAMAGE to shop fronts, with Dover recording GUSTS to 75kn.
    lowest PRESSURE estimated for this system 968mbar in Lyme Bay at 0100GMT on the 28th.) [ based on article in ‘Weather’ / RMetS 2004 ]

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