Nice update Caleb and the sleepy sun look is intriguing. The next few years look like they will offer much for both sides of the political climate divide, but simple humble observers of truth can watch in awe.

Sunrise's Swansong

Barring any last minute peaks, it looks like the sea-ice has reached its yearly maximum.

DMI4 0322 osisaf_nh_iceextent_daily_5years_en

This maximum is about the same as last year, but, because it is among the lowest in the satellite record, I suppose those still involved in the battles with Alarmists should step back and allow them a period of rejoicing. I have never exactly seen the reason for rejoicing, considering they believe low sea-ice signifies the immanent demise of the planet, but I don’t like to spoil other’s fun.

I personally don’t think these slight variations matter as much as others do, and am far more interested in the effects the Quiet Sun. Therefore I have retired from the Climate Wars. However, for those of you still involved, I recommend that, if the celebrating gets too in-your-face and overbearing, the eyebrow approach should be utilized.

This involves listening and nodding, but with overly sympathetic eyebrows…

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