Cosmic Rays Increase Cloud Cover, Earth’s Surface Cools

The Next Grand Minimum


A new scientific paper authored by seven scientists affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences was just published in the scientific journal Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics.

The scientists dismiss both “greenhouse gases” and variations in the Sun’s irradiance as significant climate drivers, and instead embrace cloud cover variations — modulated by cosmic ray flux — as a dominant contributor to climate change.

A concise summary: As cosmic ray flux increases, more clouds are formed on a global scale. More global-scale cloud cover means more solar radiation is correspondingly blocked from reaching the Earth’s surface (oceans). With an increase in global cloud cover projected for the coming decades (using trend analysis), a global cooling is predicted.

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Spaceweather has shown a 12% increase in cosmic rays from October 2015 to September 2016.


Why are cosmic rays intensifying? The main reason is the sun…

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3 thoughts on “ Cosmic Rays Increase Cloud Cover, Earth’s Surface Cools

    • You’re right Joe, if I recall he said Svensmark has his heart in the right place but its looking at an effect bit a cause. Still see if I can dig that out. Btw haven’t forgotten the temp question just had to much on. It’ll be a post and I’ll let you know when it goes up Craig

      • Thanks for the reply,
        What I gather from Piers is he’s not saying solar activity doesn’t affect clouds, it’s just not in the way the (Svensmark) cloud theory states.
        And in regards to the temp question, just wanted to add I’ve read somewhere there’s probably some kind of a lag to it. But to the layman, when they see in the news solar physicists talking about a ‘mini ice age’, while other scientists are talking about record global temperature warmth, they get a little confused.
        I’ve read also there’s a connection with low solar and more El Ninos, at least in the beginning. Not sure if Piers can confirm this. Perhaps if true this can also be explained in your future post – it will help clear things up a bit.
        Very interesting times to be observing all this first-hand.

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