Poland – I need not have changed the tire for the summer

The cold spell across Europe is bring late season cold and snow as Piers Corbyn predicted;

Via Google Translate (with video);

Snowfall, strong wind and frost – so places in the country looked tonight. The difficult situation is still among others, in the province of Silesia – 70 thousand. customers were left without power.
Province. Silesian Tuesday it is struggling with heavy snowfall. In some parts of the region it has dropped even more than 20 cm. During the last day units of the State Fire Service intervened over 260 times.

In Czestochowa, on one of the settlements broken tree crushed several cars.

Cars in the snow

In turn, the cars on the road just got stuck in the snow. According to the governor crisis management center all roads and highways in the province. Silesia were passable on Wednesday morning, but at night some of them traffic was difficult or even blocked due to fallen trees or on the road barricaded by trucks that could not enter the hills.

Unnecessarily changed the tire for the summer – said one of the drivers from the area of ​​Czestochowa.

Winter is not forgiven

Those who have not yet changed the tires, can successfully put it off until at least next week. According to forecasts in the coming days we still have to reckon with snow and sleet. On Wednesday, among others, will fall in the south of the country, poor rainfall possible also in the center.

From morning white among others in Katowice, but as noted by TVN Meteo presenter Anna Dec, is “symbolic of rain”, taking into account what forecasters predict on Wednesday.

The Lower and Upper Silesia, but also in the Opole chance of snow up to 10 centimeters, it is really a lot – Anna Dec notes and adds that, in combination with strong winds may cause blowing snow.

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One thought on “Poland – I need not have changed the tire for the summer

  1. Austrian farmers fight for survival – SPÖ official laughs at their suffering

    Desperate fruit growers using candles to warm their trees.
    Surprising return of winter
    22 Apr 2017 – Snow and night frost are killing the young plants that have already flowered, especially the fruit trees.
    Large parts of the harvest are at stake along with the very existence of many farmers in the fruit and juice sector, especially in Upper Austria.
    Farmers fight against frost damage
    The peasants are trying to defend themselves against the surprising return of winter with the most creative means.
    In the grapevines in Upper Austria, farmers are trying desperately to warm the apricot trees with candles or by burning woodchips.
    In other regions they work with heat blowers, wile winemakers in wine regions are igniting straw bales in their gardens.
    Red functionary finds it amusing

    Meanwhile, SPÖ politician Klaus H. finds finds this all very amusing. On Facebook the Voest works council: “Juhu !!! In Austria there is snow in April! Now our peasants can moan and moan again. Did the prayer on Sunday have brought something? ”
    Last year’s late spring cost farmers 200 million euros.

    Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

    “SPÖ is the Social Democratic Party of Austria,” says Argiris. “The Dutch MSM does not bring this news about spring snowfall and cold in Europe, but whenever there is a wildfire in Australia, they make it headline news.”

    I may add that I’m not a socialist myself, but that I respect people who are. Making fun of suffering farmers is not the way that the social democratic politicians that I know behave. May-be Jeremy Corbyn can talk some sense into this Klaus Haidinger.


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