Glacial Advance During The Little Ice Age

I said this about the 1540 vs 2003 megadrought and it bears repeating with glaciers as Paul shows;

“This then beggars the question how to explain carbon dioxide levels having any role at all in unprecedented events that are not unprecedented? Of course those wedded to the moronic and niave narrative can’t accept this and rattle on incoherently about the changes being ‘too fast’ resorting to the obliteration of history with defective hockeysticks and computer generated alternate realities.”


By Paul Homewood


From HH Lamb’s “Climate, History and the Modern World”

We know that sea levels have risen since the late 19thC, and that much of this is due to melting of glaciers and ice sheets. However, we also know that the same glaciers were growing rapidly during the Little Ice Age, so can we say that 20thC sea level rise is anything other than a natural process?

Let’s remind ourselves of just how great and widespread this glacial advance was.

The history of glacial advance in the European Alps is well documented. Historian, Brian Fagan, offers us this horrifying account:

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